Watch Ricky Dillon’s “Don’t Say Goodnight” cover featuring Ryan and Nash!


Youtuber Ricky Dillon covered “Don’t Say Goodnight” and the fun video features Ryan and Nash (+ Jamie?). Check it out below:

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KISS FM/FM97/B104 and Faulkner Honda Presents Trendfest 2014: Hot Chelle Rae show in Hershey, PA


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Hershey Theatre, Hershey, PA
Fri, Apr 25, 2014 07:00 PM

Details: Hot Chelle Rae, American Authors, Icona Pop, Cash Cash, NONONO

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Cambio: “Hot Chelle Rae Reveal the Story Behind Their Single “Don’t Say Goodnight”"


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It’s time for some Hot Chelle Rae.

We’ve been loving HCR’s new single “Don’t Say Goodnight” and wondering about the story behind it. “This song came about in an interesting way. One of our co-writers played us this idea of a melody and a few lyrics and we fell in love with it,” Nash Overstreet told us over a recent phoner. “The first thing out of Ryan’s mouth was the first couple lines of the first verse.”

The guys got their inspiration from personal experiences. “It’s really based off of the band’s lifestyle,” Ryan Follese told us. “We’ve all been in those unique stories where you don’t want to go to bed and you don’t want the night to ever end. I think it happens to Nash more than me, but it’s about embracing the people around you and the lifestyle you live.”

So can we expect the full album to have a “Don’t Say Goodnight” vibe? “I think it’s a great representation of how far we’ve come stylistically and the difference between us now and us two or three years ago. But we also have a lot of different sides to us on this album,” said Nash. “Some are more the falling in love and passionate thing, some are more dirty and sexy and some make you want to dance.”

Since their debut album in 2009, “We kind of stopped trying to have a vision for what we thought it should be like and stop trying to predict what we needed to sound like,” said Ryan. “After two years of touring and living, going through different things, various breakups, seeing the world–it comes out in the music. We weren’t scared to experiment with different ideas and push boundaries.”

Nash and Ryan couldn’t give us a release date for album No. 3, but it sounds like the wait will be worth it. “The difference between each of our albums is us trying to out-write the previous album. We work to improve our writing, recording and performing skills,” Nash told us. “You wake up in a different mood every day just like we write a different type of song every day. Hopefully the fans are going to love everything on this album.”

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HollywoodLife: “Hot Chelle Rae Talk New Music & Their Fascination With Jared Leto”


Hot Chelle Rae has completed their third album — unless another song comes up that they want to include! The band, made up of Ryan, Nash and Jamie chatted with about their new video for ‘Don’t Say Goodnight,’ what it’s like to be on stage before Lil Jon and Justin Bieber, and their relationship with the Cyrus girls.

For the guys of Hot Chelle Rae, the sky’s the limit. Following their huge hits “I Like It Like That” and “Tonight, Tonight,” the band is about to release their third album, and it’s much different than their first two. Read on for‘s exclusive interview.

HollywoodLife: Tell me about this new album you’re working on.
Hot Chelle Rae: We have the body of work finally completed after like two years of touring and writing on the road. You always want to do something that you haven’t done before but still you know can keep the fans that fell in love with a certain thing you do, I feel like we really did that well with this album. I feel like theres a wide array of songs like stuff you can dance to like stuff you can just get drunk and sing along to your friends to really out of key, stuff that has a lot of heart behind it. I’m really excited for the fans to see the whole collection of this. I feel like it’s nothing that someone who loved our last album couldn’t like, but it reaches another whole bunch of people that we never got to before.

HL: You talked about hanging with Miley Cyrus in “I Like It Like That” and now you’re working with her sister, Brandi Cyrus. What’s the relationship with them like?
HCR: I’ve known Brandi since the third grade! Nash became friends with her, I guess we all started hanging out. Their family is pretty connected to us, I guess. We were just in the studio, and Nash hits her up like ‘come hang out.’ I couldn’t do enough of a sassy girl impression! It sounded like a chipmunk!

HL: Could Mike Posner be on your new album, since you’ve been hanging out with him?
HCR: We do a lot of stuff with Mike just for fun! Nothings out of the question for sure! It would be cool to have Mike on the album for sure.

HL: Who are you dreaming to work with?
HCR: I mean we name-checked A$AP Rocky in “Don’t Say Goodnight,” so I think that one would be pretty freakin’ cool. But I don’t think we’re opposed to any kind of collaboration because you never know what’s going to happen with a different artists. Katy Perry would be fun!

HL: Traditions before taking the stage together?
HCR: Jamie does this elaborate stretching routine, Nash and I kind of bounce around and sing songs and kind of get warmed up, but not very professionally, like we just sing for fun. Then we all kinda huddle say a prayer, maybe take a shot of bourbon before we hit the stage, and try to play the best show we can. [We also do] this weird thing we learned from Danny form The Script. [He] taught us that no matter what’s going on in your life, before you go on stage, they all give each other a firm handshake, and look each other in the eye and tell them to have a good show. So that that way they leave any bad energy, they leave it back stage and go out there and do anything professional.

HL: I’ve got to know — celebrity crushes?
HCR: After last night at the Oscars — some of those dresses made switch up my opinion! Jared Leto is prettier than most of the girls there. But just on those dresses, I’m going to go with Kate Hudson. (One of the other guys chose Ellen DeGeneres!)

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Vote for Hot Chelle Rae in 104.3MY FM’s Music Challenge!


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Vote for Hot Chelle Rae’s “Don’t Say Goodnight” in 104.3MY FM’s Music Challenge:

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Funny or Die’s Boy Search!: “Name that band! with Hot Chelle Rae”


After an inspiring visit from Hot Chelle Rae, stress pushes the judges to the breaking point when they’re forced to settle on a band name no one seems to like:

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Watch Hot Chelle Rae’s interview with 92.3 NOW!



95.5 PLJ: “INTERVIEW: Hot Chelle Rae Releases New Single, Defends Bieber”


A new single and a new look mark 2014 thus far for the pop-rock outfit Hot Chelle Rae. The band believes “Don’t Say Goodnight” will be the single that buoys its third studio LP. Meanwhile that album will be recorded without bassist Ian Keaggy, who left the band on amicable terms.

“I don’t think he was cut out for the road,” lead singer Ryan Follese told “The Ralphie Show.” “He loves playing music and he’s very passionate about art but I mean, we’ve been touring for two-and-a-half, three years.”

People change with the times. For Keaggy, that meant buying a house and settling down with a steady girlfriend.

“We’re ready to amp it up, where as he was ready to kind of tone it down,” Follese continued. “It all ended on good terms.”

Guitarist Nash Overstreet chimed in that the guys are all still close. It was simply just a matter of some people adjust better to life on the road than others. For HCR, most of their summer in 2013 was spent traveling with Justin Bieber’s “Believe Tour.”

“He was actually really, really nice to us,” Follese said. “He watched our show a couple times from side stage, which we thought was really cool. He even said songs that he liked in our set, which was really cool. It meant he actually did watch it.”

Overstreet went as far as to defend the beleaguered pop star.

“I went out to enough clubs during that tour to give eyewitness to the fact that like, ‘Oh, that club where he spit on the guy? That never happened!’” the guitarist said. “I was right there.”

With Follese’s brother Jamie still in the mix, HCR plans to stay a trio for now. The lead singer says the band has friends who can step in on bass once a tour pops up. No such plans were in place prior to the release of the new single.

“It’s got kind of, more of a classic like, soaring melody in the chorus, which is kind of a new thing for us,” described Follese of “Don’t Say Goodnight.” The song’s hook does sound like it could be related to something performed by the band fun. “But it’s got like this harder, almost rap-y verses which are really, really fun.”

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Happy 27th Birthday, Ryan!


Happy 27th Birthday, Ryan! We hope you have an incredible birthday and even greater year! We can’t wait to see what you, Nash, & Jamie will accomplish in 2014! :)


Here is an awesome fan video for Ryan made by fan Allison Klowan:


Her Campus: “The Guys of Hot Chelle Rae Open Up About Their Perfect Valentine’s Day”


Ever wonder how your favorite celebs celebrate Valentine’s Day? HC caught up with Nash Overstreet and brothers Ryan and Jamie Follesé, better known as Hot Chelle Rae to grill the pop rock trio about love, ladies, and Valentine’s Days past and present. Turns out these cuties are as romantic as they are talented; their answers had us swooning – scroll down to find out why!

HC: What’s your idea of the perfect Valentine’s Day date?

Nash: Whatever can impress the girl I’m taking out. Whether it’s remembering something she mentioned wanting to do, or doing something that takes more effort than expected. But half the time, it’s singles appreciation day, so just avoid restaurants full of reservations.

Ryan: Cooking in is always the best to me. Everyone tries to go out on Valentine’s and it is always so crowded. It’s romantic to just be alone with someone.

Jamie: Being with the girl I love.

HC: What was your best or most memorable Valentine’s Day ever?

Nash: The one where I forgot I would need a reservation. It didn’t go well.

Jamie: Never been with a girl on Valentine’s Day, actually.

HC: What is the first thing you notice in a girl? 

Nash: Face. She can have the best body on earth, but if her face isn’t my type…no thanks.

Ryan: First thing I notice in a girl is the vibe she is putting off. If it feels good to be around someone, I am always curious why.

Jamie: Personality.

HC: Tips for the single girl on Valentine’s Day? 

Nash: I’ve never been a girl. Any answer I give would end in tragedy.

Ryan: Don’t get down on yourself. If you have single friends hang out and just know one day you will have a Valentine.

Jamie: Don’t be sad! Best is yet to come!

HC: Be honest, have you ever serenaded a girl? 

Nash: Only via recorded video. It was replied to with an, “I just started seeing someone.”  So I wrote, “Wrong person. Sorry.” (Not really).

Ryan: Lol it’s sort of my job, right??

Jamie: Never.

HC: What’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever done for a girl?

Nash: Wouldn’t you like to be the one to find out!?

Ryan: Most romantic thing….hmmm. If I’m with a girl I always not only try to get my significant other something nice, but also try and get something for their momma. It’s a nice gesture and scores a lot of points.

Jamie: Traveled across the country to meet someone.

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