Watch Hot Chelle Rae’s “Midnight Show Webisode!”


Follow Hot Chelle Rae on stage in Clearwater, Florida: honestly hot chelle rae lyrics


Watch behind the scenes of the “Don’t Say Goodnight” video shoot!


Hot Chelle Rae Behind-The-Scenes of “Don’t Say Goodnight”

Watch our official music video for “Don’t Say Goodnight” on VEVO!

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See photos: Hot Chelle Rae at the Pledge for Pets Radiothon 2014!


See photos of Hot Chelle Rae’s visit to The Pledge For Pets Radiothon 2014!

cc: Q104 Cleveland, OH

Photos by: CBS Radio

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See photos of Hot Chelle Rae’s performance at PlayhouseSquare’s Dazzle The District!


On May 2, 2014, Hot Chelle Rae performed at PlayhouseSquare’s Dazzle The District in Cleveland, OH.

Photos by Erin Fox/CBS Radio

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Hot Chelle Rae to join “Run Around: A Pop Experience”


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Hot Chelle Rae are to join the “Run Around: A Pop Experience” summer tour along with Zendaya, Before You Exit, Jacob Whitesides, Bridgit Mendler, and more!
Hot Chelle Rae will play the 8/9 and 8/15 tour dates according to!
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FUSE TV: Which artists are Hot Chelle Rae dying to party with?


In Hot Chelle Rae’s breakout hit “Tonight Tonight,” the pop-rock band sing, “We’re goin’ at it tonight, tonight! / There’s a party on the rooftop / Top of the world tonight!” on its addictive chorus. In the latest episode of Hypothetically, we ask the trio which celebrity they’d select—dead or alive—to have the best party ever.

“I would party with Freddie Mercury,” says singer Ryan Follese. “Because I saw pictures of those parties he went to in the ’80s in all of his biographies. It was him chilling with Michael Jackson. Paul McCartney might just be there, crazy people just showing up.”

Guitarist Nash Overstreet also picks a rock ‘n’ roll legend. “I would go more of the Prince route,” the Nashville native says. “I think I could keep up with the drinking and the smoking, whatever… I’m going to have a good story after this.”

But drummer Jamie Follese chooses the music world’s richest couple. “I would choose Jay Z and Beyonce just because you know they have the coolest life there is.” He imagines a conversation with the “On the Run” tour pair, going something like, “‘Maybe we’ll go to the Nets game because we own them! Or maybe we’ll go to the club that we own or drink some of this liquor we own!”

Watch the full interview to learn more about HCR including Ryan speaking about spending time in jail.

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Watch Hot Chelle Rae’s new video for “Don’t Say Goodnight!”


Watch the premiere of Hot Chelle Rae’s new “Don’t Say Goodnight” music video:

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DITLO: “A Day in the Life of Hot Chelle Rae”


DITLO documented a day in the life of Hot Chelle Rae

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Meet Hot Chelle Rae:
Answers by Nash:

  • What are you most proud of professionally? There are so many things we’ve been blessed enough to experience. It’s hard to even keep track of them all. Every now and then someone will ask about a moment I’ve almost forgotten about. For instance, growing up watching Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve… And then being able to perform there. Or the first time we played at Madison Square Garden. And to be honest, the fact that we’ve sold over 6million singles is still difficult for me to comprehend. I feel like we’re just getting started.
  • What are you most proud of personally? I’d have to say, being raised around Nashville, by someone that was a songwriter, I saw a lot of people buy steroids impacted deeply by a song. The times that we’ve gotten letters, or been told in person, that a song I’ve been a part of writing has changed someone’s life… That’s why I do this. To make something that hits home with one person or a million people.
  • Upcoming Projects: We’re currently working on finishing the VERY LAST pieces to our upcoming 3rd album, which should be out this year. But what’s got me really excited, is that we’ll be shooting our video for Don’t Say Goodnight within the month. We’ve been throwing around a lot of really exciting ideas for it. So I know all of our fans are gonna be stoked on it.
  • Charities: We’ve been able to work with several amazing charities, such as AMFAR, MDA, and several children’s hospitals around the country. We definitely look forward to doing more this year.
  • If you could wake up in any city in the world, which would it be? Right now, I’m in Grand Cayman… And I would probably say Tokyo, Stockholm, Sydney, or NYC… But being here can’t be beat.
  • Who are your personal heroes? My parents for sure. The fact that my Dad did what I do, and at my age, made sure to be there for me/take me with him and was there while I grew up. I can’t imagine making time to even have a dog right now!
  • Where is your favorite place to sleep/favorite bed ever? I can for real pass out anywhere at anytime. I love sleeping on a tour bus, or anything moving. Every now and then, I get to some hotel bed that just blows my mind… But it’s rare.
  • How do you hit the road? Car, bike, subway? When in Rome. In NYC, I’m bout the subway. If we’re able to bring our bikes on the road, and hit up places like Portland, then I love to see cities on bikes. Whenever I’m home after bein’ gone for a while, I get in my Mini and cruise though.
  • Who inspires you most from your field/profession? Anyone that does something great, and in a way that they stand out and make everyone copy them. Pharrell, Ryan Tedder, Justin Timberlake.
  • What are the perks of your job?  Being able to do what I love. Travel, write, produce, perform, and then call that a job.

Answers by Jamie:

  • Someone I owe my career to:  I owe my career to my parents and family because without them I would be nothing. Both of my parents do and have taught me music since I have ever existed and it’s what I’ve grown up with so I’m convinced it’s in my blood at this point.
  • Do you like to read books? blogs? magazines?: Yes. Not very often but when I get into them I get lost in books. I have always loved car and house magazines. My dream is to build a house one day just the way I want it so I definitely am always looking, not buying at the airport to kill time.
  • Where do I feel most at peace: I feel most at peace when I am surrounded by people that I love and trust. Or at home.
  • Do I meditate? Do I have a mantra I would like to share: I don’t meditate, I probably should but I don’t.


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Hot Chelle Rae throw out the first pitch at the Indians game!


On May 2, 2014, Hot Chelle Rae threw out the first pitch at the Indians Game at Progressive Field in Cleveland, OH.

Screen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.45.35 PMScreen Shot 2014-05-22 at 1.45.43 PM



Watch Ricky Dillon’s “Don’t Say Goodnight” cover featuring Ryan and Nash!


Youtuber Ricky Dillon covered “Don’t Say Goodnight” and the fun video features Ryan and Nash (+ Jamie?). Check it out below:

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